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imageAdding wall(s)/walkways is one of the most powerful ways to enhance a property. Using stone is one of the most versatile and sustaining buildling materials Here's where mood, setting, longevity, usage, and expression come into play.

Meandering Garden Paths: Paths and walkways that wander across a garden can define and create exciting invitations to explore. As a path leads the eye forward, so moves the temptation to follow it. Paths connect spaces and guide the visitor between buildings, settings, or destinations. I love to extend the architecture of a building into the nature that surrounds it, and walls are the way to do it. A property can almost feel larger and more grand by an effecive use of garden walls. And by considering to an enclose an environment, you automatically create a new, inviting space within. From here you design an entrance point, and exit point, and the inner space.

Walls bring passive solar heat, direct a view, and enclose an area. Walls are also great for retaining soil, for the division of spaces, or to form borders. And a simple retaining wall can be dressed to increase the beauty of the land and express character. Dry-stack walls, for instance, are alive! They drain. They allowplants to grow in their pockets. They are organic. Timeless. This is old-world masonry at its best. the imperfections. the handcraftsmanship — the puzzle of fitting each of the stones, one by one.

I enjoy modern precision as much as I do old-world handcraftmanship. There's nothing that adds majestry better than well designed paths, walkways, and walls. I sincerely enjoy the challenge of tailoring the structural features called for to each landscape design project at hand.