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While our services have been faily consistent over the years, we've also found a need to stay responsive to the demands and changes of the economy, annual weather patterns, and building/architectural trends. Our services range from hardscape (construction of decks, retaining walls, driveways, outdoor structures, and irrigation) to softscape (planting, transplanting, sod installation, and drainage), and everything else in between, including the correction of longstanding problems.

— "What You Can Do" Ideas Consultation – a 1 to 2 hour site evaluation/needs assessment, designed to supply you with ideas, decision-making information, problem-solving options, rough cost-estimates, and "what is possible" ideas for your garden, landscape, or property as a whole.

— Conceptual Overview | Site Review and Design Sketch

— Conceptual Design: Site/Design planning, design sketches/map, drainage flow plan, and plant material plan

— Irrigation - plan and installation

Implementation and Installation of conceptual design

— Maintenance: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterely, or bi-annual programs


• Economic Curb Appeal Make-overs, entrance transformations

• Drought-resistant assessent and replanting/irrigation

• Xeri-scapes for no-water/low-water usage

• Statuary/fountains procurement, placement, and installation