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imageCreating and embracing the notion of Sacred Spaces gives us a chance to recognize the holy within ourselves and our surroundings. It's a space that allows the communion of the spirit and the self, the opportunity to spend time with ourselves and loved ones. Sacred spaces gives you a place to go and a reason to take that moment to honor what is most sacred and connect with it.

Nature has an amazing way of bringing us home to these concepts, it's why it is a personal passion of mine to create a sacred space, some place, on the properties I design as well as design properties specifically tailored to healing and rejuvenating, including spas, retreats, and places of worship. Through statuary, rock, ornamentation, symbolic deities, and the inclusion of water — ponds, streams, fountains and falls — we can custom design a space that is personal to you, your business,and/or your desire for an environment for such personal expression.

The Celtic tradition invites us to contemplate the
connection between earth and sky, and that
of sacred trees that bring the sky energy to
the ground
. I always know that I can transform
the land with groves of trees. The Menihrs or
Neolithic standing stones are my true passion and
expertise. Standing sacred stone circles is
a way to celebrate and infuse the life force
itself. Bringing ancient wisdoms to a modern
garden is something to be sure
to ask me more about.