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imageI have been fortunate enough to discover a passion for rock by way of having had, over the years, intimate contact with the earth’s intensely powerful offspring — loose stone — all of which was, at one time, part of the living earth herself. When given the great joy of working with rock,  I know that I am working on a project that will last a lifetime and on a garden that will continue to transport its visitors for an eternity. An individual stone is a solid object. However, when individual stones are placed together, they become like a liquid medium and begin to naturally flow themselves into curved walls, pathways, and provocative contours. A single rock placed standing in a courtyard or an entrance, or tons of rock placed carefully side by side to form a retaining wall or walkway can enhance the ambiance of a property faster and more powerfully than just about anything else.

Standing (Neolithic) stone circles, seen across the British Isles, are fast-becoming one of the current trends for homeowners and commercial properties alike. Bringing forth the majesty of the rock itself, stone circles are a magnetic garden feature that stands to protect, to honor, and to invite ritual and gatherings for all. Several of our most recent projects have involved the inclusion of one form of neolithic standing rock formation or another.

Garden sculpture is another favorite — from copper and bronze or iron to the arrangement of rock and crystals, sculptures are a creative endeavor that begins with a client's desire to put art in the landscape, perhaps following a particular theme, and the rest is up to the creative process itself.