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imageBorn and raised in Argentina, Patricio Badaracco became one with outdoor space. His intrinsic attraction to seeing "art" in everything of nature began at a very young age. Argentina provided a cultural landscape deeply passionate about the rich aesthetics intrinsic in an old-world rock pathway, a lucious, whimsical garden, or a colorful slate courtyard masterfully envisioned and designed. Using everything from centuries-old masonry to European architectures and modern technologies, Patricio has designed for landmark properties across both North and South America.

Educated in the United States, Patricio studied Landscape Architecture and Design at U.C. Berkeley in California. With over 25 years experience designing, installing, and maintaining custom landscapes, he has created outdoor environments for such clients as Diane Fienstein, the CEO of Levi's, and Sunset Magazine.

Known for his innovative approach and limitless vision, Patricio's formula for creating "spaces" in nature is as much an art as it is a science. It all begins with the land itself, its contours and its curves, the light and the energetic flow. A successful space "invites" you to participate, it beckons you to an experience, it calls you to connect.

Of all the beautiful organic materials Patricio gets to work with outdoors, his passion undoubtedly revolves around "rocks." Rock and stone, of all sizes, shapes, and colors have captivated Patrico's curiosity from the very beginning expressed in his intrinsic interest in ancient cultures and their uses of stone, particularly Mayan and Celtic societies. Patricio strives to work with stone as much as possible in each of his custom designs and especially those of sacred gardens.

An experienced paraglider, when not designing Patricio enjoys flying quietly above the terrain, taking in the beauty below, and imagining being able to move mountains.