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Process - starts with inspiration

My process is a very organic one, and involves my ability to understand your vision, your needs, and your final objectives. From the intial comsultations, it's about setting flexible-yet-realistic goals and matching that with a flexible, working budget. Creating a good plan is what it's all about. A good plan provides the working blueprint for all involved, and is important to set forth before any creative work begins.

My Process and our working relationship follows these basic steps...

1) Needs Assessment and Consultation

2) Contract and Terms for Design Implemenation

3) Develop Concepual Plan, based on Budget Assessment

4) Iterations and Finalization of Conceptual Plan for Approval

5) Itemized Cost-Estimate, in line with Plan and Budget

6) Materials List - Hardscape and Softscape

5) Irrigation and Drainage Plan

6) Implementation

7) Adaptations and Adjustments as Required

8) Finalization | Site Clean-up | Maintenance Plan