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imageFrom Turkish olive oil cone vessels and Vietnamese natural okra-color clay to old-fired Chinese traditions and modern European craftsmanship, pots are a colorful, earthen, playful way to enhance your exterior surroundings.  

Working with pottery is like writing the finishing touches on a work of poetry. By placing beautifully hand-crafted ceramic pots by size, color, and texture in and around your home or gardens, you will experience that they actually transmit a visual rhythm, they carry joy, are playful, and provide an orchestra of color that dictate a mood and an atmosphere— all of which transforms your space.

Let us work with your own favorite pots or allow us to shop for you — we are terrifically experienced at finding the right pots, with the right personality, for your particula design. Or let us surprise you!

Pots range from extremely large to handheld, and can vary widely in price, based on geopgraphic origin and the materials and craftsmanship used. We are meticulous when working within your specific budget and can always return later on to add pots decoratively as your gardens and surroundings grow and change.