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My philosophy is very simple. Nature is a part of our very spirit. It is a personal passion of mine to bring our spirits in to nature by creating outdoor spaces that evoke the beauty, tranquility, and connection we have to the natural world.

A landscape design is a combination of art and science. It should first respond to the needs, desires, and even fantasies of the client. It should take into consideration the site itself, including the surrounding architecture and regional scenic essence, and it should take advantage of locally available native plants and indigenous rocks and hardscape.

Every gardenscape, landscape, or estate design I've done begins with walking the land. Spending time on the site. Watching the sun move across the property and feeling into the intuitive calling of the area and spaces. What makes sense here? What magical story can be told? What would bring me to these spaces more often? How to use the land to gather people, enjoy an afternoon outside, or create an amazing, inviting view from the picture windows inside? How to create a flowing visual or experiential onsistency between the structural architecture of the home and the garden/outdoor space?

Designing landscapes is as much a functional, operational, cost-effective process as it a creative, sensory, intuitive process. When these two are brought together, the results are incredbily surprising — exciting — yet somehow exactly what you were hoping for.