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imageMud ovens are the delight of cooking outside, which is an invitation to cook with an open fire. It’s an ancient ritual full of warmth, excitement, and community. Cooking on an open fire brings back fond memories of my childhood in Patagonia, in the South of Argentina. The sacredness of the fire is what gathered my loved ones to share the food of the land and time together. We can each relate to these warm experiences as they are full of what seems to be important to all of us. This is the traditional way of Argentine cuisine and something I so enjoy introducing to my friends and clients here in the United States. Grilling the Argentine way is an art performed by the Gauchos — from the wild pampas all they way to the foothills of the Andes — and is a ritual that takes us back thousands of years.

Mud ovens — styles ranging from Patagonia, Italian, Mediterranean, and French Canadian — are best when built with noble materials such as stone, brick, clay, and mud and are best when custom designed to fit your needs, environment, and space. They make beautiful focal points and can become a main ingredient of your outdoor experience and garden design.

The concept is based on simplicity. Simplicity and time. Mud oven cooking defies precise scheduling, since fires and heating times vary so much depending on the place, the season, even the direction and force of the wind. Herein lies the extraordinary experience. You tend. You languish. You talk. You sip wine. You add wood. You taste. You are together and you have a shared, delicious, creative purpose. And long after the embers are gone, you’ll enjoy the heat still emanating from your oven, warming your patio and your guests for hours.